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The letter “R” is the next letter in our study on the word Purpose, and it represents “recruit”. You may be asking yourself, how does recruiting have anything to do with purpose. I’m so glad you asked! One of the things we’ve learned is that purpose means an end result or goal, and that the majority of the time we can’t reach our goals on our own. Thus the need to recruit. In sports, recruiting is necessary to create the best team, and so it is with fulfilling our purpose. Recruiting the right people is also necessary to help us fulfill our purpose. Habbakuk 2:2 says, “ Then the Lord answered me and said: Write the visionand make it plain on tablets,that he may run who reads it.” This verse is saying after you’ve written that vision or received your purpose, you need to articulate it in such a way that others will want to be a part of it. In the business arena this is called your pitch or your elevator speech. People don’t stick around if they don’t see where they fit.

Things to consider before recruiting:

1.     Acknowledge that you need help. When Esther accepted her purpose, she knew that she couldn’t accomplish it alone. She sought the help of the Jews and called for a time of prayer and fasting (Esther 4:13-17). We weren’t created to do life alone (Genesis 2:18, 21-25). The will of God is for us to be interdependent not co-dependent. It does no good to be gifted and not connected to those who can help perfect our gift. To fulfill our purpose requires resources-human and financial. It’s through relationships that resources flow.

2.     Accept godly counsel. Esther heeded to the counsel of Mordacai and sought God through prayer and fasting for a strategy to change the heart of the king. Esther heard Mordacai’s elevator pitch and ran with it. I heard T.D. Jakes say “giftedness without strategy, leads to injury. Moses also heeded to the counsel of his father-in-law to get others to help him (Exodus 18:13:27). We have to realize that we were only created to handle so much pressure (2 Corin 1:8-10). Once Moses heeded to the counsel of his father-in-law, more was able to be accomplished. 

3.     Align with people who make up for your deficiencies. It’s important to first acknowledge your deficiencies and then recruit based on those areas that are not your strongest. Admitting your deficiencies births fruitfulness. Perhaps you’re like me and lacking in the creative arena or you’re not too savvy with social media. You should seek out those who are gifted in this area. It’s important to surround yourself with competence. Always look for the 3 “C’s” of recruiting: Character, Commitment and Competence. Don’t limit yourself to just recruiting your friends or who you like, but always be prepared to recognize divine connections.

I hope you’ll be able to apply this information as you begin to recruit people to help you fulfill your vision. Check out the video of a more in depth study.

Be blessed, but first comes obedience!

Rev. Robin