So I attended an awesome women's conference last weekend and the theme was Nothing Wasted.  The topic for the first session was Counted Out But Counted On.  Have you ever been counted out because of something you said or things that happened in your past?  Well today the Lord wants to remind you that nothing you have gone through was a wasted experience.  Perhaps you had a child out of wedlock.  Know that the simple fact that you gave birth to a precious gift from God, there is nothing wasted about that experience.  You are now counted on (one needed) to nurture, empower, train this child to be all that God has called him/her to be.  Know that whatever man has counted you out on, God will use you to be the one needed to bless them.  Know that you are the:

Necessary, Evolving, Enabling, Doll, that Endures to the end Dynamically!

Thanks Pastor Vaughnika Briggs for a powerful word and Minister Takenya Millhouse for an awesome conference!


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