On December 6, 2014 Come Up Higher Ministries held our first end of year prayer breakfast under the ministry name. The theme was From Glory to Glory: Going Higher in Him. This is the word that the Lord gave us for 2015:

This is the year of transition. You should already have been experiencing a shifting and a shaking. My purpose for you is great! There are some things that must be shaken in order for my purpose to be fulfilled in your life. However, you must be willing to let go of the things, people, places, etc. that I am shifting and shaking. The purpose of the shifting and the shaking is so that only that which is of me can remain. Choose to remain in me by letting go of that which is being shifted and shaken.

This is also the year of acceleration. You will begin to experience the suddenlies and the accelerated blessings that I have for you, as you choose to line up with my will. Wisdom and revelation knowledge will be your daily portion. You will begin to experience new realms of my glory as you yield yourself to me. The transition and the acceleration is all dependent on your willingness to yield.  Don't resist the pruning, for as the gardener prunes the branches to get more growth, I am doing the same with you. Come up higher, come up higher says the Lord, come up higher in me.  You will no longer be stagnant, stuck and sedentary, but you will be vibrant, vivacious and victorious! Watch and pray! Watch and pray, says the Lord.

Today I want to encourage you to finish 2015 strong! We have 19 days left in this month, which is ample time for God to bring about the transitions, the suddenlies, and the accelerated blessings. Don’t be discouraged if it appears that the prophetic words you received this year are not manifesting. Remember God’s word can’t return unto him void. Make sure you have done or are doing your part and let God do the rest. Declare with me “I will finish strong in 2015 and see the manifestation of God's promises to me!”