Own Your Purpose

When we think about purpose we don’t necessarily think about owning our purpose. However, as the Lord was breaking down the letters of the word purpose, he said the letter “o” represents ownership. This ownership is not just referring to a business or a non-profit, but has to deal with understanding the cost of your purpose.


Ownership indicates that there has been an exchange, either in the form of a purchase or a gift. As it pertains to purpose, we have been given an anointing, a gift to fulfill the call on our lives. However, to take ownership of that purpose, we have to receive the gift. For example, my husband bought me some items for my birthday. Although I said thank you, if I never use the gifts I’ve actually never received them or taken ownership of them. The first gift we need to accept is the gift of a relationship with the purpose giver himself, Jesus Christ. There’s no point trying to walk in purpose without a relationship with Jesus. He is the one who will give you the strategies you need to fulfill that purpose. If you don't know Jesus as your personal Lord and savior, simply confess that you are a sinner and that you want to surrender your life to Jesus. This is based on Romans 10:9-10, and once you’ve done this your relationship with Jesus begins.

So now that you have that relationship, here’s some things that you can do to take ownership of your purpose:

1. Believe God. Mark 9:23 says that all things are possible to those who believe. So how do you believe God? Whatever he says to do you do it. God told Noah to build an ark because he was going to bring a flood. Noah built the ark and built it according to the specifications God gave him (Genesis 6:14-16, 22). Abraham believed that he would be the father of many nations, even though God asked him to sacrifice his only son (Genesis 22:1-5, 10-19).

2. Confess the word or the promise. Looking at the life of Abraham it would have seemed that God did not know what he was talking about. God changed Abram’s name to Abraham so that whenever he said his name or someone said his name he would hear “father of many nations”. Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 4:17 says that Abraham called those things that be not as though they are. Speaking the word builds up your faith and helps you believe that what God said will come to pass.

3. Don’t fight the process. Earlier we mentioned the need to understand the cost of the anointing. Walking in purpose means that we are going to have to make sacrifices, deal with rejections, backbiters, haters, etc. Just like Jesus, when suffering arises, we have to say not my will but thy will be done (Luke 22:42). We also have to remember that the suffering is a catalyst for the manifestation of our purpose (2 Corinthians 4:17).

So as you are striving to walk in purpose, just remember to take ownership. Receive the gift of Jesus, believe God, confess the word and don’t fight the process. Until next week….

Be blessed, but first comes obedience.

Rev. Robin



Persevere on Purpose

Persevere 2.jpg

To persevere according to means to :

1.    to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly.

2.    to persist in speech, interrogation, argument, etc.; insist.

persevere 3.jpg

Perseverance is often not welcomed, but it is so needed to walk out our purpose. So often we get discouraged, frustrated and weary when things don’t seem to be happening as we think they should. However, we have to remember you can’t get the oil from the olive without the press. I’m reminded of Galatians 6:9 which says (paraphrased) don’t grow weary in well doing, for in due season you will reap if you don’t faint. We have to remember that we have a season that is due or owed to us, and therefore must expect for that season to come. Just like we are expecting fall to come, even in the midst of summer still popping up, our expectation doesn’t change. We have to have the same mindset about our purpose. In the video I talk about three things in regards to persevering:

  • Don’t Quit

  • How Bad Do You Want It

  • Stay Focused

As you watch the video, I pray that you are encouraged to persevere on purpose.

Until next time,

Be blessed, but first comes obedience.

Rev. Robin

persevere 4.jpg




team building 2.png

The letter “R” is the next letter in our study on the word Purpose, and it represents “recruit”. You may be asking yourself, how does recruiting have anything to do with purpose. I’m so glad you asked! One of the things we’ve learned is that purpose means an end result or goal, and that the majority of the time we can’t reach our goals on our own. Thus the need to recruit. In sports, recruiting is necessary to create the best team, and so it is with fulfilling our purpose. Recruiting the right people is also necessary to help us fulfill our purpose. Habbakuk 2:2 says, “ Then the Lord answered me and said: Write the visionand make it plain on tablets,that he may run who reads it.” This verse is saying after you’ve written that vision or received your purpose, you need to articulate it in such a way that others will want to be a part of it. In the business arena this is called your pitch or your elevator speech. People don’t stick around if they don’t see where they fit.

Things to consider before recruiting:

1.     Acknowledge that you need help. When Esther accepted her purpose, she knew that she couldn’t accomplish it alone. She sought the help of the Jews and called for a time of prayer and fasting (Esther 4:13-17). We weren’t created to do life alone (Genesis 2:18, 21-25). The will of God is for us to be interdependent not co-dependent. It does no good to be gifted and not connected to those who can help perfect our gift. To fulfill our purpose requires resources-human and financial. It’s through relationships that resources flow.

2.     Accept godly counsel. Esther heeded to the counsel of Mordacai and sought God through prayer and fasting for a strategy to change the heart of the king. Esther heard Mordacai’s elevator pitch and ran with it. I heard T.D. Jakes say “giftedness without strategy, leads to injury. Moses also heeded to the counsel of his father-in-law to get others to help him (Exodus 18:13:27). We have to realize that we were only created to handle so much pressure (2 Corin 1:8-10). Once Moses heeded to the counsel of his father-in-law, more was able to be accomplished. 

3.     Align with people who make up for your deficiencies. It’s important to first acknowledge your deficiencies and then recruit based on those areas that are not your strongest. Admitting your deficiencies births fruitfulness. Perhaps you’re like me and lacking in the creative arena or you’re not too savvy with social media. You should seek out those who are gifted in this area. It’s important to surround yourself with competence. Always look for the 3 “C’s” of recruiting: Character, Commitment and Competence. Don’t limit yourself to just recruiting your friends or who you like, but always be prepared to recognize divine connections.

I hope you’ll be able to apply this information as you begin to recruit people to help you fulfill your vision. Check out the video of a more in depth study.

Be blessed, but first comes obedience!

Rev. Robin



Unlearn and Unite


Last week we talked about the first “P” in the word purpose, which represents pray, plan and pursue. Today we are going to look at the letter “U”, which represents unlearn and unite. After seeking God for our purpose, we may find it to be a bit overwhelming, which could possibly result in us talking ourselves out of pursuing that purpose. Proverbs 18:21 tells us that death and life is in the power of our tongue, and they that eat it, eat the fruit thereof. As this verse leads off with death, it’s most likely because we generally speak and believe the negative before speaking or believing the positive. The majority of the negative things we speak or believe come from what we’ve learned or have heard repeatedly throughout our life. Thus the need to unlearn.  Unlearn is defined as to forget or lose knowledge, or to discard or put aside certain knowledge as being false or binding. Let’s take a look at what the bible says about this.

9 Then the Lord God called to Adam and said to him, “Where are you?” 10 So he said, “I heard Your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself.” 11 And He said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat?” Genesis 3:9-11

In Genesis 2:7, and 15-25 shows us that God created man and woman and that he created them naked. God would visit them in the garden to fellowship with them and they would go about tending the garden and living their lives while naked. The significance of being naked is that there is no shame and that they lived a transparent life before God. Transparency comes after allowing intimacy to take place. Once we remove the walls and allow God to see into us, we’ll be better positioned to fulfill our purpose. Then in chapter 3 the enemy steps in and begins running his mouth to Eve. His words caused her to doubt the instructions they had received from God and even doubt the character of God. In Genesis 3:9-11, God asks them who told them they were naked and then asks if they ate of the forbidden fruit. Immediately after ingesting the fruit, they realized they were naked and did a poor job of trying to cover their shame. They allowed what the enemy said about them to take precedence over what God said about them. When we feast on the word of the enemy or on the words that someone said like “you can’t do that” or “you’re too old to do that” or you’re not smart enough to do that”, we position ourselves to not achieve the purpose and plan that God has for us. We have to unlearn that negative language and unite our mind with who and what God says we are. We have to imprison those negative thoughts instead of becoming prisoner to them (2 Corinthians 10:3-6)

To unite is defined as:

1.    to join, combine, or incorporate so as to form a single whole or unit.

2.    to cause to adhere

[ Unity Through Humility ] Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy, fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Philippians 2:1-2 NKJV

3.    to cause to be in a state of mutual sympathy, or to have a common opinion or attitude.

As it pertains to purpose, we have to first unite with God. This starts with accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior of our life. We surrender our will to the will of God. Once we do this, in our prayer and fellowship time, God will give us strategies and reveal who we should unite with to help fulfill our purpose. Philippians 2:1-2 says, “Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy, fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind”.  It’s very important when establishing your team or partnering with someone that you surround yourself with likeminded people. Although no one will work as hard on your vision or purpose as you, it’s important that the same level of passion and commitment is present in those that you unite with. 2 Corinthians 6:14 talks about not being unequally yoked with unbelievers. There must be a unity in belief. How can two walk together unless they agree (Amos 3:3). There has to be agreement that the purpose is significant, adds value and will fulfill our ultimate purpose which is to please God.

If you find yourself stagnant, take a moment to reflect on what you’ve been speaking about your purpose. Have you been feasting on the word of the enemy or on God’s word? Remember his word will not return void. Unlearn the negative and unite with God! Check out the video for the full teaching.

Be blessed, but first comes obedience!

Rev. Robin



Pray, Plan, Pursue


Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz in all arenas about knowing your purpose, walking in purpose, living on purpose, etc. This Monday on The War Room Prayer Line, we started a new series on the topic purpose. We looked at the first “P” and talked about the importance of praying, planning and pursuing your purpose. Each week we’ll be looking at each letter and applying biblical and practical principles to help us not only to know our purpose, but to live out our purpose.

Revelation 4:11 says, “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” If you’ve ever asked yourself “what is my purpose”, this scripture lets you know that first and foremost your purpose is to please God. In understanding how to fulfill this purpose, we must pray, plan and pursue.


P-Pray, Plan, Pursue

U-Unlearn and Unite




S-Submit/Surrender to God

E-Encourage Yourself


Prayer is simply having a conversation with God, asking Him to reveal to you your purpose. Once you’ve prayed, it’s time to plan. However, we must remember that our plan must line up with God’s plan. After the planning phase, we must begin to pursue. Check out the video on our YouTube page for the details. I’ve included the scripture references here for you to refer back to in your study time.

Make plans to join us next Monday as we look at the letter “U” and break down the importance of unlearning and uniting. You can call in at 712-775-7031, passcode 111-178# or tune in via Facebook live.



Jeremiah 33:3 AMP

John 16:13-14 AMP

James 1:5-8 AMP



Your plan must line up with God’s plan.

Jeremiah 29:11 NLT

Proverbs 15:22, 16:9, 19:21, 20:18 and 21:5

Habakkuk 2:1-3

Pursue-Requires faith:

James 2:14-18


Until next week,

Be blessed, but first comes obedience!

Rev. Robin



The Anatomy of Obedience

Join us on The War Room Prayer Line, Monday August 6, 2018 at 8PM EST. Our topic is the anatomy of obedience. The dial-in number is 712-775-7031, passcode 111-178#.png












During the month of August, the topic for The War Room Prayer Line was the anatomy of obedience. We broke down each letter of the word to identify what is necessary to walk in obedience. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is definitely a good start. Here’s a recap of the study.

Obedience is defined as the act of obeying or dutiful, submissive compliance. The Hebrew word for obey is shama, which means to hear or listen with reverence and obedient assent. We see by this definition that obedience requires reverence and respect. It requires a willingness to not only hear, but to listen with the intent of responding with the corresponding action. I’m sure like me you can recall in your younger days responding with an “okay” to being told to clean your room or wash the dishes, but often times there was no corresponding action to that response, until being told again, and usually this meant with some form of punishment.  Although we eventually cleaned the room or washed the dishes, we find that delayed obedience is simply disobedience. As believers, we have to get to the place where we operate like Abraham. As soon as God told him to leave his country and go to a place that he would show him, Abraham packed up and moved (see Genesis 12:1-5). He had no idea where he was going, but he moved at the word of God. We have to get to the point that even when it doesn’t make sense and even when we don’t have all the answers, because of our reverence for God we will immediately obey. The Greek word is hupakoe, which means submission to what is heard. This is the example that Abraham gives us. He heard the instruction and he submitted to it. Jesus is our ultimate example, as he humbled himself and was obedient unto death on the cross (see Philipp;ians 2:8). What things do you need to put to death that are hindering you from walking in obedience?

What is required to walk in obedience?

1.       Open to the voice of God. We must be willing and have a desire to hear the voice of God (see Matthew 5:6, 1 Samuel 3:9-10).

2.       Believe what you hear even without seeing or knowing the end result (2 Corinthians 5:7, Genesis 12:1-5).

3.       Every day submission to God (1 Samuel 15:22-23, Ephesians 5:22-24, Colossian 3:13-25).

4.       Diligent study of the word (2 Timothy 2:15, Romans 10:17, Hebrews 11:6, James 1:22)

5.       Irrigate your heart. The heart is the seat of our emotions, so we must ensure it is washed with the water of the word (Ephesians 5:22-24, Deuteronomy 32:46, Proverbs 4:23)

6.       Endure (Galatians 6:9)

7.       No turning back (Numbers 13:30-14:9, Genesis 19:15-26, Luke 9:57-62, Philippians 3:10-16).

8.       Consistent and never ceasing time in prayer (Matthew 18:19, Amos 3:3, Mark 11:22-24, Isaiah 53:1, Ezekiel 24:14, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, James 5:16, 2 Timothy 1:3).

9.       Expectation (Mark 11:22-24, John 2:1-11, Psalm 9:18, 39:7, 62:5, Proverbs 23:18, 24:14, Lamentations 3:21, 2 Corinthians 1:10)

If you were unable to listen to the calls, below are the links to the recordings:

Week 1 covers the letters O and B:

Week 2 covers the letters E and D:

Week 3 covers the letters I and E: or

Week 4 covers the letters N, C and E:

I encourage you to listen to the teachings to get an in depth study of walking in obedience. Walking in obedience is a journey that we have to take one step at a time. I pray this study blesses and encourages you. Until next time, remember be blessed, but first comes obedience.

Rev. Robin



Are You Ready For A Fresh Start?


Are You Ready For A Fresh Start?

fresh start 2 photo.jpg

It’s August 1, 2018. The first day of the eighth month of the year. Eight, the number of new beginnings. Yesterday is gone. The past is behind you. Today you can start anew. Today marks the opportunity for a fresh start. Receive this word from the Lord:

God gives fresh start photo.jpg

Are you ready for a fresh start? Are you tired of things being status quo? Today marks the first day of a fresh start for you. This is the month of new. Each day you will have a new encounter, a new experience that will draw you closer to me. To step into this newness requires obedience. Turn off every distraction, mute every voice that does not speak my word. I’m releasing an Abrahamic anointing on you that will cause you to walk by faith and not by sight.

Word changes photo.jpg

Don’t be concerned with what man says, just simply obey my voice. I will not steer you astray. Though you have not gone this way before remember that I am doing something new in your life. Don’t look to the left or to the right, but stay focused on me. You stay focused on me by staying focused on my word. Remember my word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your path. Don’t fear the new path, for it is an accelerated path to your destiny. I need you to trust me completely.

Everything that pertains to you is new. Your time, your income, your relationships, your health, your children, your spouse. Everything is new. No longer accept the old. Expect the new. Have you not heard? Have you not seen? I am doing a new thing! Receive your fresh start as a tall glass of water on a hot day. Receive new sight. Receive new hearing. Receive new anointing. Receive a new spirit. Walk in obedience and receive newness of life!


Scripture references: Isaiah 43:16-19, Isaiah 30:21, Psalm 119:105, Proverbs 3:5-6, Romans 6:4

Be blessed, but first comes obedience.

Rev. Robin



Are You Ready for the Explosion?


Are You Ready for the Explosion?

On July 1st, I was sitting on my deck spending some quiet time with God. As I reflected on it being the first day of the 7th month I added the numbers 7+1, which equals 8. Immediately I began to hear new beginnings and was reminded that  spiritually the number 8 represents new beginnings. I normally don’t ask God for a word for each month, but this day I prayed and said Lord give me a word for July. A word not just for me, but for your people. I closed my eyes and this is what I heard:

Expect to experience my explosive power this month. There will be an explosion in your health, finances, business and relationships. This explosion is two-fold, first to clear out everything that has hindered you and second to exponentially increase you. Where there has been infirmity, I will give you wisdom to eradicate every sickness and disease. Where there has been financial constraints, I will lead you to the hidden treasure, the wealth that has been stored up for you. Your business will no longer be an idea, but I will give you the plan that will open the doors to receive what you need to launch out and be successful. I will bring divine connections and restore broken relationships that need to be restored. It is through my word that you will experience this explosive power. Allow the 2-edged sword of the word to cut and to heal, to cut away the fat of the world  to make room for the fat of the spirit. Don’t look back at the previous six months, for July is the launching pad to catapult you into the realm of the open doors and manifested blessings that I promised you in the beginning of 2018. Stay focused! Be intentional! Don’t just say “faith over fear” but walk it out. Remember I am with you and I know the plans I have for you. Stick with me and you will do exploits!

I pray this blessed you as much as it blessed me! Happy Fourth of July! Are you ready for the explosion?

Scripture references: Isaiah 46:9-10, Jeremiah 29:11-14, and Daniel 11:32b

Be blessed, but first comes obedience!

Rev. Robin






Intentional 2.jpg

Since the beginning of the year the word “intentional” has constantly been resonating with me. At least once a month I hear it, see it or read it somewhere and it always happens to be when I’m at a point of giving up or doubting what God has promised me. Just tonight I was prompted to read the prophecy that He gave me for 2018, so I thought I would share it again with you:

I have set before you many doors, but know that I AM the door that will lead you to the doors to open. The doors that I have opened, no man can shut. Your character and your obedience is the key that will open the door. Each door that is opened is where I have commanded the multiplied blessing. You will experience exponential spiritual growth individually and in your family. There will be an astronomical abundance of wisdom and insight that will catapult you in your business ventures. The more you give, the greater the blessing. What am I to give you ask? Love. You are to give love to all you encounter. Remember you are created in my image and I AM Love. As you give love, you are actually giving Me, and not only will windows of opportunity open, but doors of influence. 2018 is the year to be ready, not get ready. My blessings are set to come in like a flood and you must be ready to receive. Let go of the past, remove the doubt, expect the unexpected, for what is impossible with man is possible with me. Seek me daily, desire to come up higher in me. I AM the light that will lead you to the open door. Walk in love, walk in integrity, walk in peace, for the year of multiplied blessings and open doors awaits you.

In order for us to see the fulfillment of this prophecy here’s what we need to do:

Invest more time in studying the word. The word strengthens our faith and makes it easier to combat those thoughts that try to cause us to doubt or give in. Check out Romans 10:17.

Never give up! Even when things don’t look like they’re going to work out, stand on God’s word and keep pressing. Check out Philippians 3:14

Totally trust God. Check out Proverbs 3:5-6

Expect the unexpected. Don’t pray if you really don’t expect God to answer. Check out Mark 11:22-24

No is a complete sentence. Don’t be afraid to say no. Know when you are being distracted. Although it may be a God thing, it’s not necessarily a good thing for you at that time. Stay focused. Check out Deuteronomy 5:32

Talk to God daily. Spending time in prayer every day will allow you to receive downloads from heaven, and give you daily direction. Check out John 16:13

Increase your giving. Ask God to show you creative ways to sow your time your gifts/talents, as well as people or ministries where you can give financially. Check out Luke 6:38

Owe no man nothing but love. Financial burdens can hinder you from walking through doors that God wants to open for you. Strive to live by paying cash for everything. This will eliminate stress and allow you to be able to give more love. Check out Romans 13:8 and Proverbs 22:7

Naked. Don’t be afraid to be transparent with others, as well as with God. Your transparency may be the key to someone’s deliverance. Your transparency with God draws Him closer to you. Check out Revelation 12:11, 1 John 1:9 and Genesis 3:9-11, 21

Apply the word. Don’t just read the word or hear the word, but also apply the word. Check our Joshua 1:8 and James 1:22

Love everyone, not just the ones that are easy to love, but even those that make it challenging. Check out 1 John 4:7-11

So I pray that you’ll join me in being intentional about life. Find your purpose and be intentional about fulfilling it. Don’t get distracted by the naysayers, but stay focused until the end.

Be blessed, but first comes obedience!

Rev. Robin


What's That Smell?


What's That Smell?

What's That Smell Pic.jpg

As we think about the fact that it’s almost the middle of April, but yet it still doesn’t feel like Spring, we can liken this to how we may feel when it comes to our relationship with God. There are times when our prayer life is stagnant, or our study time is far and few between. We know that stagnant water will soon start to smell foul, and as believers we don’t ever want to offer a foul smell to the Lord, but we want our prayers to go up like sweet incense in his nostrils (Revelation 5:8). As the seasons change and we go from Fall to Winter, the cold air causes the plants to die and the leaves to lose their color. Just like there are seasons in the natural, there are also spiritual seasons, but it’s what we do in each season that determines our fruitfulness.

“For there is hope for a tree,
if it is cut down, that it will sprout again,
And that its tender shoots will not cease.
Though its root may grow old in the earth,
and its stump may die in the ground,
yet at the scent of water it will bud
And bring forth branches like a plant.”
Job 14:7-9 NKJV

When I arrived home the other day, I noticed the perennials were starting to shoot up in the flower bed. Although the temperature is still chilly, this sight gave me hope that Spring was truly around the corner. Job 14:7-9 says, “At least there is hope for a tree: If it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its new shoots will not fail. Its roots may grow old in the ground and its stump die in the soil, yet at the scent of water it will bud and put forth shoots like a plant.” Verse 9 says “at the scent of water”, not when water is poured, but the fragrance of water will cause growth to that which has been stagnant, and buried.

Are you in a season of spiritual stagnation? Does your prayer life stink? Well don’t fret, just meditate on Ephesians 5:26 and allow the water of the word to wash you and sanctify you for the Master’s use. Plant yourself in the word that you may become as Psalm 1:3 says, a tree planted by the rivers of water, bringing forth fruit in season and even your leaves won’t wither and you will prosper in all you do. Remember, at the scent of water you can go from stagnant to budding, and the more time you spend immersing yourself in the water of the word, the more fruitful you’ll become.

Be blessed, but first comes obedience!

Rev. Robin